Call or Köl is a unisex, handmade to order ready-to-wear couture brand, combining high fashion elements and bringing them into wearable 'on the street' spaces. From the cuts and shapes of the garments to their custom, handmade nature, the pieces are all handcrafted to order with an importance on source materials from London to California. Call or Köl is a space for all appreciators of streetwear, high fashion and custom made clothing, serving as an entry point or gateway to a larger understanding of high fashion and the looks and feels that come with it. 



Call or Köl started out of a need to create, first and foremost. At the start of 2018 I found myself feeling stuck in a "creative limbo," gasping for new avenues and opportunities to explore.  In August 2018 the ideas began to flow for what would eventually be the 1 collection. Unsure how to actually sew, I received brief but crucial guidance from my mother, completing my first pattern and t-shirt. With the help of my mother, my love, skill and technique for sewing and creating my own fashion only grew from there to the collections you see here.